Beautiful Soul, welcome to this sacred space.
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I am thrilled to share with you our latest song, “Freedom”. This song is very special to both Ali Pervez Mehdi and I, as it was inspired by a powerful moment of creativity, spontaneity, and connection.
Blue Water
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Returning to Source By Mei-Lan
Source is our home - where we come from and where we will return. It is not something to be searched for or found, as it is never lost. Source is never separate from us. All we ever have to do is remember - it is through this rememberance that we return home.
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Mei-lan & Ali Pervez Mehdi By Mei-Lan
Collaborating with Ali Pervez Mehdi is an out of this world experience from the first note to the last breath. Not only is he an extraordinary artist, singer, and producer, but his way of being and his positive outlook make co-creating effortless. All our lives are improvised in the moment which is the magic of each song.