Mei-lan is a channel
of vibrationally
powerful and
healing music.

Since she fully accepted her gift of channeling frequencies of Divine love and peace, Mei-lan has been helping in raising the collective consciousness and assisting in the healing of humanity. Mei-lan is bringing heaven to earth through her angelic sounds. People who come in contact with her sound experience transformational shifts and are able to unlock parts of themselves that have been either stagnant or dormant. Her music has a vibrational resonance that impacts people on a soul level and creates lasting change in their life. Mei-lan started performing from a young age and performed up until she was 18. At that point, she decided to entirely leave this chapter of her life. It wasn’t until 12 years later that the music found her in a new way and she became a clear, open channel for sacred music.

Music Sanctuary

This platform is a sacred space where you can receive the sounds of the Divine. Here you will find all the music and guided meditations that have been channeled through the past few years.

Enjoy unlimited access to Mei-lan’s Albums, songs, over 100 guided meditations, and monthly new, exclusive transmissions.

This is your sanctuary — a home base for you to tap into heavenly frequencies and stream it in from wherever you are.